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Our products

Duplimate US supply high quality products by Jannersten Förlag AB at great prices. Jannersten is not only the world's first-established retailer of bridge supplies. Jannersten is also the world's leading manufacturer and wholesaler of equipment for tournament bridge. Virtually all equipment at  international championships come from Jannersten. 


For information about our products please choose category to the left. If you do not find what you want there, you are advised to inquire by email.

Orders for other quantities than those available in the Duplimate US shop are served by The Bridge Studio of Delaware. The Studio applies the same low prices as the ones stated on the Shop page regardless of your orders size. Shipping from 1409 Foulk Rd. Suite 101, Foulkstone Plaza, Wilmington, DE 19803.

Please send your order by email to and await payment instructions.

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