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Duplimate V'


The Duplimate V' is the professional heavy duty users favorite and is used at all European and World Championships. This is so because it is a reliable workhorse giving you the lowest cost of ownership, if time counts (otherwise it is the HandyDup).

The cards are automatically put into the duplicate boards by the machine. The barcode on the boards and cards make it possible for the Duplimate to crosscheck the output. If the software tells you that a deal is OK, it is OK. No exceptions and no excuses.

Swedish stainless steel in combination with the best components available ensure long life and reliability.

There are no service requirements. The maintenance is limited to very simple cleaning (removing dirt/dust from the card path). You can expect reliably high output per hour, day after day, year after year, if you keep it reasonably clean. Watch it duplicate.

Another advantage is that you can provide hand records with makable and optimum contracts calculated. This will make the post-mortem more interesting and it will gradually improve the playing standard. But please do not stop there, think somewhat further! Why not try a barometer once in a while? Or a Swiss pairs for a change? Simultaneous tournaments will make you popular too, especially if you score across the field. And once you have got a Duplimate, it will only be a matter of time before you start duplicating for teams...

Price vs. Cost
When you consider investing in a Duplimate, consider the total cost of ownership - not just the price. We have made some estimates for the cost of ownership for various uses, One is likely to be similar to your intended application. Cost of Ownership

When you order a Duplimate V Prim you can buy cards from $1.25.

In summary you get:

  • Generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months ”no excuse” warranty .i.e. you can claim your money back in the unlikely event that you should not be content.

  •  Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to transport.

  • Comprehensive, yet easy to use, software package. Try it for free here

  • Automatic board recognition avoids duplication errors.

  • Instant built-in help.

  • Low cost of ownership   


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 15x7.9x5.3 inches (38x20x13.5 cm)

Weight: 14 punds (6.3 kg)

Power: 24V; 2.5 A. (Adapter included.)

Mechanical: 10 cards/second.

PC: Dualcore min 1.6 GHz with USB 2.0. Windows 7 or later

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