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Dealing & Duplication

Our products come with a comprehensive, yet very easy to understand, software. 

You will get the hand generator that is considered to be the best in the world with our products. You also get easy to use functions for tailor making hands (e.g. for teaching).

The hands are automatically analyzed in the background for makable and optimum contracts and the hand records are awesome.

We have a solution for all needs and budgets. You can watch a short video if you are in doubt which model fits you the best.

The BridgeSorter is the best choice if you do not want to use barcoded cards. It is a very sturdy piece of equipment built for long life without repairs or service. It comes with the same software and other benefits, as the Duplimate, see below.

The Duplimate is a work horse used all over the world for lessons, clubs, and tournament play. Use of the Duplimate is mandatory at international championships because the output is cross checked and 100% foul free (thanks to the barcodes on the boards and cards) and the throughput massive (50.000 - 100.000 boards per week).

New generations of Duplimates have been presented every 10 years. The first Duplimate, built in 1969, is still going strong! Recent innovations include significant improvements of hardware reliability and seamless compatibility with BridgeTab electronic scoring.

In summary: You get a very sturdy, long lasting machine with 5 years warranty in a practical aluminum carrying case when you choose the Mk V. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by a unique possibility to claim refund in the unlikely event that you would not be happy.

The HandyDup has the same functions as the Duplimate, but you have to handle the cards manually. This reduces the speed considerably. The HandyDup should therefore be considered as a low budget alternative to the fully automatic machines.

The HandyDup can be run off a tablet if you for some reason do not want to connect to a PC.


Electronic scoring is a must if you have the ambition to provide instant results service. The BridgeTabs have the extra advantage that they merge the deals and scores automatically in the background so that the feedback will show the deal with the results.

Web publication
As a bonus you will have your deals and results published automatically on the Internet. The web publish service is free of charge. See example.

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