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The BridgeTabs, the BridgeSorter, the Duplimate and the HandyDup all come with a VERY comprehensive software package. You are welcome to download and try all functions. The new generation machines have built-in software that cannot be downloaded but you can read more and watch videos here. (except creating new events without committing to anything.

Note that the deals are AUTOMATICALLY transferred from one program to the other (the illustrations present the same deal in different programs.

Double-Dummy solutions
Complete double-dummy solutions, indicating what could be made by each player at the table, are calculated automatically while you duplicate. Like the hand records themselves, this feature is popular with newcomers and experts alike - each for their own reasons. You can also show how the contracts could have been made card by card. See illustration at the bottom of this page.

Lessons and replaying tournament hands
If you do classes, you will not understand how you could have managed in the old days. You will make one duplicate per table painlessly, and you will comment on bidding and play while vugraphing  the deals. Your ambitious pupils will re-play the deals at home on a play-software, or play them via the Internet. Etc, etc. We see no end to your possibilities. Again, the trick is to imagine what new services you could offer. You could for instance stage a World Championship heat. That is to say, you could download deals and results from the Internet and match your skills with the stars', only hours after they have finished their game.

Deal #1 in vugraph style

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