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Your best choice for regular cards!

The Bridgesorter is an extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts bridge sized cards. Swedish stainless steel in combination with the best components available ensure long life and reliability. 

The Bridgesorter is a very sturdy piece of equipment without any need of maintenance (other than removing dirt and dust from the hopper). That is to say, there are no running service costs. Instead there is a full five (!) years warranty. This makes it very price worthy. It is in fact your best choice unless you can use barcoded cards (which would give you even lower costs).

The BridgeSorter comes with a very comprehensive software package including deal creation, deal analysis, hand records with optimum contracts, teaching tools and much more. You are invited to try the software before purchase (without committing to anything).

See further for more details. Watch it in action.

In summary you get:

  • Generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months ”no excuse” warranty. i.e. you can claim your money back in the unlikely event that you should not be content.

  • Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to transport.

  • Comprehensive, yet easy to use,  software package. Try it for free here

  • Automatic board recognition avoids duplication errors. Two sets of stickers 1-32 are included.

  • A unique teach function makes it possible to teach the machine any card designs.

  • Instant built-in help.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 15x7.9x5.3 inches (38x20x13.5 cm)

Weight: 14 punds (6.3 kg)

Power: 24V; 2.5 A. (Adapter included.)

Mechanical: 10 cards/second.

PC: Dualcore min 1.6 GHz with USB 2.0. Windows 7 or later

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