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The BridgeSorter is an extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts bridge- sized cards (also large indices). The Mk IV takes the duplication experience to the next level and leads the way into the next generation.


Some highlights:

  • You can use your phone or tablet to run the machine. No need for a computer.
  • Multilingual user interface!
  • The machine sets up a network. You can alternatively connect via an existing network.


Swedish engineering, Dutch manufacturer, and the best components available ensure long life reliability.


In summary you get:

  • An extremely fast and reliable machine tha tsorts all kinds of bridge sized cards.
  • Everything from deal generation to nice hand rcords is made by the machine.
  • Use any phone, tablet or computer, to communicate your wishes to the machine.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Automatic board no. recognition ensures that the boards are in order. (Two sets of board stickers 1-36 included with the machine)
  • Generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • A unique function that makes it possible to teach the machine how to read almost any card design.

  • Sturdy carrying case included, making transport easy and safe.

  • Instant built-in help and 24/7 support.


Watch a promo video here


Watch a quick set up video here


We welcome you to buy cards for $1.40/deck.





Bridgesorter IV

SKU: 0002
  • 12 months satisfaction guarantee
    12 months complimentary service 
    5 (!) years standard warranty.

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