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This version is based on the old chassis but has the same functions as a new Bridgesorter MkIII.

  •  2 year warranty and a unique 12 months ”no excuse” warranty. i.e. you can claim your money back in the unlikely event that you should not be content.

  •  Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to transport.

  •  Comprehensive, yet easy to use, software package. Try it for free here

  •  Automatic board recognition avoids duplication errors. Two sets of stickers 1-36 are included.

  •  A unique teach function makes it possible to teach the machine any card designs.

  •  Instant built-in help.

  • See it in action here

We welcome you to buy cards for ONLY $1.40/deck.





Renovated Bridgesorter

  • Dimensions: 15x7.9x5.3 inches (38x20x13.5 cm)

    Weight: 12.6 pounds (5.7 kg)

    Power: 24V; 2.5 A. (Adapter included.)

    Mechanical: 10 cards/second.

    PC: Dualcore min 1.6 GHz with USB 2.0. Windows 7 or later.

  • 12 months satisfaction guarantee
    12 months complimentary service 
    2 years standard warranty.

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